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Sigfox expands universal connectivity offer with Private Area Network (PAN) service launch

Sigfox expands universal connectivity offer with Private Area Network (PAN) service launch
Press Release
AntoineMege Wed, 11/20/2019 - 11:27
Sigfox expands universal connectivity offer with Private Area Network (PAN) service launch

The new PAN (Private Area Network) offer will be tested in France during Q1 2020, providing Sigfox customers the choice between a private or global service, dependent on budget and business requirements.


PARIS/SINGAPORE, November 20th, 2019: At its annual conference, Sigfox Connect, currently being held in Singapore, Sigfox, the world's leading provider of IoT services and first global 0G network operator, has announced the launch of its Private Area Network (PAN) offer. The new PAN aims to be deployed in more than 65 countries where Sigfox operates its global network and will first be tested in France during Q1 2020.

Nine years ago, Sigfox started to deliver its vision of a 0G network, a low-cost and low-consumption network dedicated to small messages. By installing thousands of antennas in most of the world's major cities, Sigfox has built the foundations of a very high-capacity, seamless, one-way network that allows objects to communicate independently and securely.

Since then, Sigfox has expanded its offer by providing a two-way service, followed by innovative localization services designed to suit all market applications. Its WAN (Wide Area Network) offer is a global network that perfectly meets the challenges of traceability, a requirement of considerable significance for most industries, particularly in logistics and supply chain segments.

By the end of 2019, Sigfox will have more than 15 million registered objects worldwide, and more than 1,500 customers already benefit from this connectivity across a broad range of industries.

In 2020, Sigfox will complete its WAN coverage thanks to its partnership with Eutelsat which will be launching a constellation of nanosatellites. This satellite constellation will deliver connectivity across the entire globe, bolstering coverage already provided by Sigfox’s network that delivers indoor coverage and high capacity in high-density areas.

Customers who prefer an investment in CAPEX rather than OPEX will be able to subscribe via Sigfox France to the new PAN offer. PAN customers can look forward to the same quality and support levels as WAN customers.

"Sigfox's PAN offer will benefit from the existing ecosystem around the Sigfox WAN. The possibility of using all the components on the market, combined with the use of extremely low transmission power to support objects without the need for batteries, gives Sigfox's PAN offer huge potential." comments Ludovic Le Moan, CEO and co-founder of Sigfox, "Smart Home or Smart City solution providers will be among the first to benefit from this new offer.”

In the future, Sigfox will enable its operators in more than 65 countries to market its PAN offer to their customers. Sigfox also invites manufacturers of communication gateways to certify their products and join the Sigfox ecosystem success story.

Sigfox PAN customers will be able to suscribe to an additional 'WAN extension' offering should they wish to benefit from redundancy and flexibilityin the event of devices needing to communicate outside the local network.

More information on Sigfox PAN service here: